Who Occupies the Gates?

“The King is in the gate.” From 2 Samuel 19:8.

In ancient times, the elders and often the king or other leaders sat at the gate of the city. It was at the gates that important decisions were made by those leading the city. Remnants of platforms for a throne have been found in ancient cities ruins such as Tel Dan in Israel.

When the king was at the gate, all attention was given to him and the people waited on his judgements.

In the Hebrew language the words for “gate” and “think”appear similar. The word is shaar. The image of the gate reflects a place of focus and decision. Similarly, our minds are gates where life is decided. Our question is, who or what is the focus of our thoughts and our attention. Who is at the gates? Whatever or whomever occupies those gates will determine the course of our lives and devotion.

Is the King, Jesus Christ, sitting at the gates in our heart? As we acknowledge and enthrone Christ, He determines our course, our thoughts and attitudes. As we become mindful of the King at the gates of our hearts, our lives will reflect His heart of love and compassion. Let’s invite the King to be at the gates even now and be mindful of His presence in all we do today. The King is in the gates!


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