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Events - equipping and training events

Our ministry offers events tailored to the needs and challenges of the local church. We offer healing and formation retreats for couples or leadership teams in addition to sessions for individuals, married or pre-married couples. We also offer sessions for pastors and other leaders in or beyond the body of Christ.

Restored Life Seminar: A three or four-day intensive workshop for equipping in a presence-lead approach for restoring and directing wounded hearts.

Rewriting Your Life Sentence: An introduction to healing and transformation to the heart and peace of Jesus Christ.

Grace at the Table: A marriage encounter removing obstacles to and practicing the skills of seeing, hearing and healing one another.

The Voice of the Shepherd: A half-day event teaching us to hear the voice of our Shepherd and directing us in new, life-giving paths.

Living the God-Breathed Life: An encounter for teaching us to rest at the table with Jesus.

Events Offered:

Upcoming Event:

Inner Healing Ministries Church Presents

The Fifth Annual Greater Cleveland Counseling & Inner Healing Conference

Everything That Grows; Finding Your Spiritual Rhythm of Life in Christ -- Whether in the natural realm or in the spiritual realm, there is an established cycle of growth and reproduction that has been established by God. They are: resting, awakening, growing, and reproducing. In his teaching, Dr. Gardner presents a powerful model of Integrated Spiritual Formation that establishes a pattern for the heart, which allows the ever-increasing influence of the life and peace of Christ to be manifested in our lives!

Holiday Inn Cleveland South

6001 Rockside Road

Independence, Ohio 44131

Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st


Thom is the Guest Lecturer on Friday.



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